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Some request from my client that we can't do

Hey guys,

We have a few requests from our client that we can't seem to make it works:

- When a user is picking a design from the dialog window - how can we make the dialog automatically close? we've tried some manipulation by binding

the ".fpd-item" with .click function with jQuery but it didn't work.

- When we tried to implement the "Choosing Product" feature, for some reason when picking a product with more than 1 view, the stage (it think) is being

duplicated (!) why is it happening? I tried to change to another theme and use the default parameters and it still happening. Hereby a reference:


Please help,



the solution to this can be found in a post :


You will need a JS plugin of some kind to make this work, or you need to place it in your theme directly.

Hey, has anyone out there tried this?

I had some problems with the 20 timeout so I took it up to 200

On WIN7/8 on laggier machines, I was seeing the script fail due to lack of target element.

Timeout is an inelegant solution --  Anyone got a better idea how to make, steal, or force a hook?

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