I got a lot of questions if it is possible to set the DPI of an exported image or pdf in the Order Viewer.

Answer: At the moment there is no way to change the DPI, the DPI of an exported image is always 72.

Coming soon: It will be possible to export PDF's with images of 300 dpi in our ADMIN Solution


This workaround can be used until the release of the new ADMIN Solution and should only be used with a maximum canvas size of 5000x5000px, otherwise you may expect performance issues in some browsers!

There is however a workaround enabling you to create a high resolution image of the DPI you require. I will walk through the different steps and using Photoshop as graphic tool.

I also found a handy calculator that will help you to calculate the required pixels depending on millimeter and DPI.


If you want to have an image in A4(210x297mm) format with a DPI of 300 at the end, you need an image that has a dimension of 2480x3508 in pixels.


Step 1

I created a simple image with photoshop representing my business card. I want to use a 85x55mm image with a DPI of 300 and I would like to have the same image parameters again after exporting it in the order details.
With the calculator I need pixel dimensions of 1004x650 for that purpose. In Photoshop it tells me the same.


Step 2

Now I am going to create a new Fancy Product under Fancy Product Designer → Fancy Products and set the width and height for the Product Designer to the same dimension I am using for my image in Photoshop.


Step 3

After a customer makes an order, you can receive the ordered product in the order viewer and export it as image or PDF. The image will always have a DPI of 72. When you open the exported image in Photoshop and open the "Image Size" window, which can be found in the "Image" menu, you will also see that.


Now I only need to adjust the parameters to my desired DPI and size.


That's the only way to create an image with your desired DPI.