[PLUS] Setting up Color Selection Panel

Modified on Mon, 19 Dec 2022 at 03:43 PM

With the Color Selection Panel you can display the color options of specific elements in an own panel.

First of all you need to set the placement of the panel in the plugin options via colorSelectionPlacement option.

pluginOpts = {
  productsJSON: 'json/designs.json',
  designsJSON: 'json/products.json',
  stageWidth: 1200, 
  stageHeight: 800,
  colorSelectionPlacement: '#my-div' //display panel in an own div
  var yourDesigner = new FancyProductDesigner($fpd, pluginOpts);

 After that you need to enable the showInColorSelection property for the element(s) whose color options you would like to show in the panel.