With the help of our ADMIN solution you are able to generate high-res PDFs. All elements will be embedded as own layers and you can even set a Background PDF that will be used to generate the PDF. In this Background PDF you can set color profiles and other meta information.

Setting Printing Area

First of all you need define the printing area. Therefore go to the Product Builder page in the WordPress and click on the button "Edit View Options" in the upper-right corner. A modal will appear with some options for the PDF output.

Here you can select the format or enter a custom size for the page in the PDF. If you want to show the printing box for your customers in the frontend, just enable this option.

Background PDF

The „Background PDF“ will be used as the background of the PDF Page. Each View can have it´s own Background PDF. If your Background PDF has multiple pages, the PDF-Export-Service will only import the first page. The imported page will be used „as it is“. Therefor all Meta-Data like Profiles for example will be imported also.

Adjusting Printing Box

After you click "Save" a printing box will be added to the canvas. This box is representing the area that will be visible when exporting the view as PDF and has the same aspect-ratio as the format you defined before. You can easily resize or reset the position of this printing box. 

Exporting Order

If you are receiving an order, you can easily export the order as PDF by clicking on the "Download PDF" button in the orders list. This allows to export the order very quickly without viewing it in the Order Viewer. Or if you want to view the order and edit it, you can also download the PDF via the panel in the Order Viewer.