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Fix prise for using second view

 Good day! As for now we can set prise for elements in second view, prise for adding text and prise for using image. But lets take bussiness cards. Printing company add extra charge for using back side and no matter what will be there. It will be +50% to prise for example. For now we cant print bussiness cards with back side using FPD because we cant set fix prise for using another view

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I think that's provided by woocommerce extension - WC Dynamic Pricing (I already purchased it)

but the real concern here is even if we have that plugin , FPD should be able give us option to configure specific design for specific product variation (i.e. I have notepad and variation 1 LAYOUT: Grid,lined,blank  & Variation 2 COLOUR: Colour, B&W 

FYI : I have created new topic for THIS FEATURE so if you can vote/like it, with more likes , the author may be willing to include that in next update

Thank you


No it cant be done by dynamic prising.


How do you think that the plugin can check if the second view is used? When its edited or the customer has to check a checkbox to unlock it?

Checkbox would be awesome i think


@radykal - the new feature is great way to show that second/third/... view costs more but I one issue with it.

Let's say we engrave stuff - the first side is included in the initial price but second, third, etc side costs more. At the moment user can add text (we have disabled images for those products so they can't upload them)  and they pay more for the second side. But when they choose do add something from the desing panel only they are not charged for it (there's no option to set design costs in view settings). It would be good to add such feature in the next versions which will work nicely with the present ones.

Like we engrave any vectors and text in one pass so it costs us the same as only vector or only text. So we can select text price, design price, max view price (all the same) so either way the customer pays only for one customization. And then disable images and enable the current new feature to notify that second side is not mandatory. 

At the moment they can add designs for free on the second views.

Included in V3.4.9

The optional view and i have worked out how to add a price if a user sets up adds custom text or image. 

However i need to basically set it up so if they press unlock on the second view it adds £1 to the price. How do i do this?

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