Change button name from Add to Cart to Save or Save Changes when user clicks re-edit from the cart.

Posted 7 months ago by Serge Fomenko

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Serge Fomenko

If you edit a product from the cart, it makes more sense to show the Save or Save changes button instead of Add to Cart. Can this be adjusted?

Steps to reproduce:

  • Add customized products to the cart
  • Click "Click here to re-edit" in the cart
  • Make edits and once edited it will still say add to cart, although it's already in the cart, so it's confusing

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Erik posted 6 months ago

It would also be nice if an already saved design that is changed could be saved in the same way. Now you need to rename the modified design.

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Rafael D

Rafael D posted 7 months ago Admin

Added in V6.1.4

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