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Canvas full screen

I would like to create my products to real size in cm (therefore calculating the pixels at 72 dpi) to allow my customers to print them or change the measurements (with the plugin plus) and then export at 300 dpi (by purchasing the plugin for exports ). This would be feasible if the canvas were easily customizable, but unfortunately it is too small.


I wish there was the possibility of having the canvas full screen not only when the measurements exceed those of the screen, but also when they are too small.

I believe it is essential to make usable functions present in the plugin such as the action "print" or exporting at 300 dpi


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Included in V4.5.0 and using the new UI theme "Doyle"

The problem is not resolved. The UI is now bigger, but the product is still small (and it depends on the size of the canvas)

Can I get an answer here or do I have to try making a new request? The new UI theme is not a solution...



If you use the export plugin I am almost sure that you can set the canvas size larger than the actual size and use the settings to export at 300dpi with actual size, I have not yet purchased the plugin so I cannot test and give 100% sure, but logic is possible

I know, but the "print" action is based on the dimensions set in the canvas and therefore the customer could not use it. Also for the "dynamic views" I have the same problem.

These types of features should also be usable for small products.

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