Folder image by client / decrease the duplications of the same image/photo

Posted almost 5 years ago by Stephane Lapointe

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Stephane Lapointe


Currently, if a customer returns for a new product, he must upload the same image again. It would be interesting for each client to have a folder where all his images are stored.

In this way, there would be no duplication of unnecessary images on the server and this would make it easier for the client to use the editor; which would bring more sales).

A little the same principle as when we give access to the "Designs".

thank you,


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rady kal

rady kal posted over 4 years ago Admin

Included in 4.0.8

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Gerard Haughey posted over 4 years ago

 Fully support this excellent idea. Would bring FPD in line with many other web to print solutions, which in fairness would be a lot more expensive than FPD.

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Luke Breen posted almost 5 years ago

This feature would be fantastic for the WooCommerce version.

We are seeing lots of instances of the same images being uploaded by the same customers again and again. If the uploaded assets were saved, it would make it much easier for the customers to design multiple products using the same artwork.

Plus the benefits of avoiding duplication of assets on the servers would make this feature worthwhile for many reasons.

Please implement this FPD team!

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