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Posted over 5 years ago by Andreas

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Thank you for implementing the custom thumbnail in the order e-mail. That is great.

But could you please make it so that the customized thumb also appears on the WooCommerce order page?

When we get big orders with many variations of the same product in different colors etc., it is very hard and time consuming to navigate the WC order screen when all the products have the exact same image and no color info. Thanks!

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Mauricio posted about 5 years ago

Hi, i think the email order (both: client/vendor) sometimes has not the information enough, because the plugin has a lot of kind of ways to set the customize-options in the backend and the vendor sometimes is a intermediary who needs to itemize the product to other vendors (for example the stamping/printing company)

the customized thumb is a great idea in order to be able to manage orders faster, the same happens with the details of the designs (SKU), but i can´t see any option to show this in the vendor email order. Sometimes we can use a category of designs with just one product , and this category can have for example 30 desings availables

(I mean: 1 SKU-product vs 30 SKU-designs)... here is where i need to know which is the SKU of the design selected... and ¡will be perfect if this appears in the vendor email order!

We hope you will implement this option/tool for customize the email-orders (the same with the cart)

thank you in advance!

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Giulio posted over 5 years ago

I also updated to the 3.9.6. I activated the control below and can see thumbs in the order summmary but NOT in the EMAIL. Thanks for support

Product Thumbnail


Display the product thumbnail of the order item in Account-Orders page and Order-Email.

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Omar Reyes Bonilla posted over 5 years ago

I have just updated to the latest version (3.9.6) and the image still does not appear, will any adjustment in configuration be needed?image

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Andreas posted over 5 years ago

Excellent :-) Will update right away. Thank you for the quick adjustment!

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Rafael D

Rafael D posted over 5 years ago Admin

Included in V3.9.6

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