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Posted over 6 years ago by Alexander Quesada

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Alexander Quesada

I assume many of us use printers to produce their products. Since printers do not print white, it would be nice if there is a filter feature that removes the white from images giving them a sense of transparency through to the object to be printed on. This effect can be achieved using the "MULTIPLY" effect in Photoshop. See sample below...

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Konrad Smolinski posted about 4 years ago

It seems to me that nobody from devs is interested in this subject.

SIlence. Deep Silence. 

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Rafa posted about 4 years ago

Hi, any news about that?

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Konrad Smolinski posted over 4 years ago

Again, I face the case when product designs need a MULTIPLY blend mode. 

And still we can not find the way to set it up. 

rady kal - can you help please?

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vishu batra posted over 5 years ago

This topic says that it has already implemented but I still can't find the Multiply filter option.

Could anyone help me please ?

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Konrad Smolinski posted over 5 years ago

As far as I can understand the backend set up, the multiply blending mode, if existed in filters, could be set as follows:

a) in the "default element options" tab and in the "custom image options" section one would need to choose: Filter = multiplay 

(meaning that filter is added by default when an image is uploaded) 

b) advanced editing "no".

Would it be that simple? I wonder.

Or is "multiply" much more complex than that ...


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Konrad Smolinski posted over 5 years ago

Dear  radykal, 

I am also desperately looking for a "multiply" option. And it is not about removing white from a bitmap but using the multiply function of the image layer on the buttom mockup image by default. An example above provided by Alexander is an excellent case here

In fact, the easiest and most effective way of creating mockups is a 3 layer approach where 1) is a bottom layer 2) is an image layer 3) is a top mask layer. And from my printhouse experience it works for most of the products and printing media. It would be great and highly desirable to have an option to choose the default multiply function to the uploaded image layer. 

I cannot see how this effect could be applied with "remove white". 

Thanks and all the best,


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Marco Olmos posted about 6 years ago

Hi Mr Radikal

The editing tool and remove white is not working after the last update, could you verify it please.

and about this tool. It is possible the image to remain static on the canvas?

The problem is when the image is edited on cell phone,

you do not have precision with your fingers and the image can be left out of the canvas

 and therefore cut off at the moment of saving the image.


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rady kal

rady kal posted about 6 years ago Admin

You can remove the white from a bitmap images with the advanced image editor.

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Ryan James posted about 6 years ago

I have v. 3.6 I cannot find the Multiply colour blend Mode. How can I use it?

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Xavier Noguera posted over 6 years ago

This is also very important to be able to apply any color with the multiply effect, which fabrics.js supports:

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