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Posted over 7 years ago by Cassie Sanders

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Cassie Sanders

This is less of a feature request and more an attempt for me to share code that I used to fix a problem.

The snippets below fixes the problem of searches needing to be exact phrase matches (inc. spaces) and case sensitive.

In the photos below the media library title for the clip-art is: baseball-bat

This means the following searches don't work: Baseball, Bat, Baseball Bat, baseball bat.

These snippets fixes it so that searches are not case-sensitive and search terms can be in any order:

Version: 3.3.3


Replace Line 6953-6959 with:

else {
    //hide all items
    $designsGrid.children('.fpd-item').css('display', 'none');

    //only show by input value
     var searchq = this.value.toLowerCase().trim().split(" ");;
     var fullsearchc = 0;var self = this;
      $.each( searchq, function( index, value ){fullsearchc += $(self).is("[data-title*='"+value+"']");});
      if(fullsearchc==searchq.length){return 1;}
      }).css('display', 'block');

Replace Line 7076 with:  

var $lastItem = $designsGrid.append('<div class="fpd-item '+lazyClass+'" data-source="'+design.source+'" data-title="'+design.title.toLowerCase()+'"><picture data-img="'+design.thumbnail+'"></picture></div>')

 You'll need to use a minifying program on FancyProductDesigner-all.js to replace FancyProductDesigner-all-min.js with the updated changes.

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