Bulk Order option to use default variations.

Posted over 7 years ago by Robin

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We seem to have a little issue with bulk orders.  As it stands, the bulk orders doesn't use the product variants, so we have to create the variations again in the bulk order.


This means that where we have a t-shirt available in all colours up to size 2XL, but in 4 colours in 3 XL and 2 colours in 4 & 5XL, the bulk order allows people to order all colours in all sizes?  

Getting the bulk order to do this will also mean not having to re-create the attributes and I am sure it's the logical thing to do - even if it's tough to code!



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Luke Breen posted about 5 years ago

I'm a little confused why the Bulk Order options in the "Plus" addon doesn't integrate with WooCommerce Variations, but the other plugin (WooCommerce Bulk Variations) does? Why isn't this functionality integrated by default?

Also, neither of these plugins seem to have the ability to set up "Scaled Pricing" based on the quantity of products ordered by the customer. This is a vital addition that is desperately needed here. I've built 4 websites now for "Direct To Garment" printing companies and without an option to offer customers a discount on bulk orders, this plugin becomes useless for these companies who rely on bulk orders rather than single purchases.

Do you have any advice on how we can achieve discounts based on quantities? Ideally that updates the price on the product pages (not just in the cart) so that the customer can see their discounts as they are adding the items to their cart.

Thanks in advance for any help. 

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rady kal

rady kal posted over 6 years ago Admin

With my new plugin which is compatible with FPD you can do that.


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Tim Fritz posted almost 7 years ago

I agree. It will not allow you to show all of the sizes at once. You have to choose the first size in order for the next one to display. Very confusing. 

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David Fozdar posted almost 7 years ago

Just checked the one line-item thing. Indeed, when I add multiple sizes of an item to my cart (all at the same price), it adds the items to the cart as one item. When I am in the cart, it doesn't even show me the different sizes that I've ordered on the line-item, just that I've ordered one shirt.

Maybe I'm doing things wrong, because there is little documentation on how to use this thing. However, the "Plus" bulk feature is not going to work. Very disappointed.

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David Fozdar posted almost 7 years ago

The price has also got to adjust based on the variation selected. XXX-Large shirts have a different price than small shirts.

This plugin does not interface with WooCommerce variations, other than with the default selected variation when you add multiple variations to the cart. You have to redefine your attributes and variations in the "Plus" settings, which is nonsense. Even then, if I want to add five shirts of different sizes, which have different sizes and weights, the plugin assumes they are all the same price, weight, etc. (whatever is the default selected variation set in WooCommerce). I haven't checked yet, but it also seems to add just one product to the cart, as opposed to separating out each variation as a separate cart item.

Though I love the FPD plugin, I find the bulk feature in the "Plus" plugin to be very poorly done.

Hopefully, Radykal will fix it up and make it great. I just hope it isn't six months to a year from now, which is eternity in the business world.


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Derek Thompson posted over 7 years ago

Yes I am facing the same issue. I would like the ability for customers to order 4 small, 5 medium, 3 large, etc. without having to redesign their shirt 4 or 5 times. Is this possible? 

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