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Limit the characters for the input text for Fancy Product Designer

I want to have a feature which can set limit to the input text for the plugin

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Thats already possible. In the product builder you can set a max. characters value.

But how can i limit the characters if someone press "add text".  So that its just limited per product?

Yes, needs to be "per Product"...great idea.

That is fixed in latest version.

Where can I find this option to set limit on product level?

Since radykal said its fixed. I'm assuming its integrated at product level now? I cant find any option for it besides settings page.

I need to limit character max value on a particular product.

Fancy Product Settings ---- Default Elements ----- Scroll down to bottom --- Custom Text Elements ----- Find --- Maximum Characters

I do not see a option in the woocommerce product --- Individual Settings!  So I am assuming you have to make the settings global..

Is there a way to make this option to Text Boxes individually for each product? 

Hello Radykal, 

You note above (2 years ago) that we have the ability to set text input character limits at the product level, where is this? Again, as all other requestors needing this feature, I'm only finding this as a global setting and when testing it doesn't even work (i.e. char limit and line limit). This is a BIG problem, please respond.

Never mind Radykal, I now see that I have to scroll down to control this option within the product itself. I don't believe your users are seeing this when editing individual products in the Product Builder after selecting the Text tab - these options are hidden from view (even on my SUPER HUGE HIGH RES monitor), I have to scroll to see them and have spent a ridiculous time trying to find this. For those of you trying to find this, see my attached screenshot.

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