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Basic form

I think it's really necessary that the basic FPD FORM will be able to add some more fields. That the user can edit the number of product he wants to buy and the price change dynamically.

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Absolutely. The two main things are better PDF export quality and compatibility with Gravity Forms, that is, better backend functionality.

The developers know this and are working hard to achieve this. They do a great job.


Hi all,
I'll use the plugin in Wordpress to make a contest so I need more information from the players.
Is there a way to customize the core (like I see there is no option for that in the settings) or maybe some of you already found another solution for that?
Thanks for your help.

You mean you are going to test the different product designers?

I'm unsure what you are saying. If you clarify, perhaps I can give you an answer based on my experiences.


Hi David,

In fact it's a contest where you first choose a product, you customize it with FPD and send it. As simple as that.
But I needed to add more fields for the user to send with its custom product.

I had an answer from Johnny (the creator of FPD) and he told me that is it possible to add more fields but I need to tweak the pluging code for that.
So until a new version of FDP with this ability to add new fields in the form from the WP admin, I don't see any other -easy- solution.

Thanks David for your concern.

Have a great day. :)


Oh I see. That's pretty cool.


Some news here? I would like to use FPD as well, but first I need the integration with any forms plugin as Contact Form 7.


Do you will implement that feature or not?

That was the reason why I bought that plugin... and you said you will implement the form feature...

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