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Better PDF support

Better PDF creation would be a great addition to this plugin.

If it is to be taken seriously by the print industry, then the PDFs that are exported really need to have fonts embedded.

The whole point of an online designer is that it saves the Printer/Webstore owner time. If they have to recreate a product from scratch to send to print then its not really saving time.

Not a criticism, just my view as to where the plugin is lacking.

Overall a very, very good piece of software.

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Corel Draw x4


Hey Alexus (and everyone else),

Thank you for the feedback. I haven't played around with Corel Draw x4 before but it is good to know it works. I have been able to open in Illustrator with all the layers intact (although the fonts go kind of crazy). Doing a bit of research and i can't find anything regarding layer preservation in Photoshop, im sure someone who is smarter than me may be able to so it though. But at this stage im not going to focus on being able to edit the final pdf (you can do that in the product designer and then output again) but more on outputting a pdf that is better suited to send to a printer (specifically digital printer).

Ill get together a beta version of the plugin in the next week and upload it here. if anyone plans to use it please don't use it on live websites and make sure you have a working and tested backup (for WP akeeba is really good). As I will not take any responsibility if it wrecks your site (it shouldn't though). Then we can look at refining it and getting everything working correctly.

Hi Roddy,
you'd be our Hero!


Holy Moley!! I can't wait Roddy!

Goooo Roddy! You're our hero!!


Hello I just saw this plugin and the only answer I am looking now is the press quality PDF. Any news on the better PDF quality?

Hello everyone, sorry on the delay work at my business has gone crazy over the last couple weeks. I'll try to have a plugin sorted out in about a week or so

Roddy you are really will be our hero:))))


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