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Process automation

First of all - a wunderful product you gave us with FancyProductDesigner!

As we plan to do some automation for order processing, it would be nice to have the following possibilities:

- automatically export FancyProduct with completion of an order

- therefor it would be nice to be able to define default export settings for a product

- exclude layers or images from export (like Paddaman requested earlier)

- callback hook (to do further processing like converting RGB-PDF to CMYK-PDF and so on..)

Is it possible to add (at least some of) the requested features?

If not, any suggestions or workarounds?

Thanx a lot!

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I would be very interested in testing this as well.
How can I be included?


I would happily pay for this plugin. Ideally I sell downloadable print files so it would be great if the file that was available for them to download was also re-sized correctly.

Thank you all for the feedback. I understand that the need for this plugin is high enough to continue the development.

What would help me a lot is get an better understanding of how you are using the plugin now.

Also what export features you think are minimum "must-have" requirements from your point of view.

Currently the export works for the JPEG - IMAGES - CURRENT SHOWING. See screenshot.

I can imagine you want to extract layers or other to make the export work for your products.

To manage the BETA group I will setup a page with a short survey with questions. 

Completing the survey will automatically register your for the beta and testing.

Sounds like a plan?

export.jpg export.jpg
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Good news, and good plan!

JPEG to us, is probably the least used of the supplied formats, due to lack of transparency-support. I think that applies to most people doing screen printing. High resolution PNG (300 dpi) works well. We could also use PDF or SVG, but have had some troubles with the fonts, mostly that information about line height and letter spacing is lost when exporting.

yey that's cool! I think it would be nice to select elements you want to exclude from export (like in admin solution for fancy product designer) as well as set the basic settings like output file, image format, View(s), scaling etc...

I'd love to test the beta.

Would really like to use something like that! I'll definitely register for the beta.

Sending an e-mail with all attachments to an admin would be great, optionally in a zip file. If PDF/SVG's are well supported (i.e: troubles with the fonts) it's probably best but like Andreas said a hi-res PNG works too. Support for multiple views and the possibility to remove the background layer, or a layer with a specific name, is critical.

When multiple layers are used and we export all layers, the resolution of the source file should be used. Currently, if you remove the background layer and export all layers at once with a scale factor of x2, FPD takes a snapshot of the staging area and increase the size of the snapshot by 2, effectively loosing quality.

Looking forward to test the beta!

I would definitely like to be part of the beta.

Exporting PNG files is necessary for me, that is, since they allow you to preserve transparency. I print customer designs containing both photographs and text, so the preservation of transparency is required. I print from PNG and PDF files.  At 300 dpi, printing text from a PNG file looks good (for my application), though PDF files have the advantage of having embedded fonts and preserving the layers. Since I don't print large products, I don't have to expand my customer's images or text upon export. I simply adjust the image upload requirements (pixel requirements in the individual product settings) for each of my Fancy Products then set the pixel dimensions of the Fancy Products to the actual pixel dimensions of the printed products. If a Fancy Product has large pixel dimensions, I scale it down on the frontend (on my website) using CSS as opposed to scaling (expanding) the design when I export it.

The beta should have the options to set up what is exported and where everything is to be exported. Options to export would be the file type, specific (selected) layers, and scale. Also, if a bounding box is used, then there should be an option to export only the bounding box area instead of the entire product canvas; thus, if only the area of the bounding box is exported, then any part of an exported layer outside the bounding box would get clipped. Uploaded images should have their preserved pixel dimensions so they have the required resolution when they are expanded upon export. If a customer adds text to a customized product and the design is to be expanded upon export, then the file has to be exported as a PDF file with the embedded font so that the text has sufficient resolution after being expanded.

In a perfect world, the export feature could auto-convert an exported PDF file to a PNG file, say, for backend users that primarily deal with PNGs. In other words, the plugin would export an expanded PDF with embedded fonts and preserving the exported layers and create a PNG copy of the PDF file. Then we would have both a PDF and PNG copy of the exported design. This would save some time for those that deal only with PNG files.

Hi swouden, I think it's great that you want to improve the workflow. I print all kinds of photo gifts, and I am very interested in helping you with the development. 

My magento-shop you can see here: www.geschenk-mit-foto.com

I co-developed the designer for magento, but I need too a performant workflow for the wp-shop.

How can I get a beta pass?

Best regards 


Please add me as a Beta tester

Let's all work together to make this happen, because I think it would benefit all of our businesses across the globe.


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