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Process automation

First of all - a wunderful product you gave us with FancyProductDesigner!

As we plan to do some automation for order processing, it would be nice to have the following possibilities:

- automatically export FancyProduct with completion of an order

- therefor it would be nice to be able to define default export settings for a product

- exclude layers or images from export (like Paddaman requested earlier)

- callback hook (to do further processing like converting RGB-PDF to CMYK-PDF and so on..)

Is it possible to add (at least some of) the requested features?

If not, any suggestions or workarounds?

Thanx a lot!

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Thanks Radykal,

This will help, although pre-setting the export functions (JPG, SVG etc.) and automatically exporting to a folder onto the server when they click 'add to card' or 'send' in the form would be helpful too.

That way all the designs are in a single folder waiting to be used when needed.

Is this possible?


Where can I download the BETA version for testing ?

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