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Better PDF export on the admin

PDF export still lacks quality for the printing industry. This plugin works well for very small products but it's a nightmare for bigger prints like posters and even high quality calendars. On the Admin, I still cannot export a PDF for all of my products with the needed size. Support says and I quote:

"The developer says that this is simply due to the limitations of the server. With images that are that very large and then scaled up this is simply only possible to a certain limit. It should be better when you use the .jpg format instead of .png. Other then that you can always use an image editing program to scale the output image."

I am very sorry but this is not what I paid for - more than once! The image I attach is a print of what you promise on Code Canyon. You say "fit any product" and "no limitation". Not to being able to print high quality posters (100x70cm or smaller) or calendars without using Photoshop is a huge limitation. If I get 50 orders per day (between books and calenders with at least 8 pages which), I will not be doing anything else than just being in Photoshop the whole day long to adjust exported files and increasing resolution (which will also inevitable kill image quality!), if I even ever catch up!

It is also very poor to provide a solution that is on a server that is not able to export a PDF that is only 1136 per 796mm with 300 DPI. Printin industry has standard paper sizes (https://www.prepressure.com/library/paper-size). How can one work then? How can admin solution work? High quality print needs also PNG quality images! JPG is great for web, PNG is what should be used to print - always!



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Thank you for the update. As mentioned, we were trying to export the orders from your admin. But its throwing internal server error. What could be the issue here?


I am getting an error when trying to output PDF from the admin and no images can be retrieved. I had my webhost turn on CORS as the modal says but it still doesnt work. I understand its in beta but any idea how I can get it to work? Thanks

I was told that Bleed was implemented, but i dont see anything in regards to showing it in the editor for the client.

Like a ruler button, but for margins, so Clients wont add anything in bleed or safe area

Has this been implemented on the jQuery version? If so how do we add bleed lines etc??



New features coming on through admin solutions will really bring the plugin to the next level i believe for production printers if they are done correctly.


Have just set up all the admin solution beta test - we will be printing anything from greeting cards to large signage ( aluminium dibond + acrylic etc) We would need the new feature of small canvas representing a much larger print size so a customer could design there own very large sign from a range of templates we would have - eg 1200 x 900mm for example or larger


Running into a few difficulties - everything is set up and the orders are coming into my woocommerce as well as the admin section but the orders cannot be exported from the hosted admin section. I am getting an unspecified error as shown in screenshot


Issues I would like to know

- is it possible for customer wanting a large sign with following specs image @ 150 dpi eg size40 x 30inches to be able to upload and view a design on the one page ( i mean not a huge canvas stage  of 5000 x 4000px which makes it impossible for ux?

This is still missing the fact that we need editable vector fonts and shapes and embedded fonts and layered PDF files. Remember, most people customise T-shirts and at the moment the resulting file from FPD is useless.  The SVG download is usable but only for the text.  The printer will then have to rebuild the design from scratch that the user creates


This is for the Mods of this forum, if you need to know how to do this then ZAKEKE product customiser for Woo has all this. It looks awful but I tested it and at the order in the admin screen, you can download a zip file that has the editable .svg, .pdf, .dfz a readme file and a pdf summary, including all info (images), for the order

All open in AI and can be edited - :)

Still wondering why PDF exports cannot be done in admin section-  i know this is under BETA but not really getting any updates at all?

Need to be able to export files at the printing size required?

any word on bleeds being visible for clients editor?

Also waiting on any update about bleed visible from client side, and as well what is the latest developements regarding the hi quality output from admin ?

Is there any outlook on what the cost will eventually be for the Admin?  Even a ballpark figure wold be usefull.

Hi David,

Is PDF export from admin working for you? I cant seem to export PDF at all?   Error pops up?

Is PDF export on admin working for anyone - i am still getting really low res files

Joseph,  No it is not working.  THe Hi Res Beta just pops a red Error box.

We bought the plugin last week because of the new admin function / better PDF functions, special voor A4 en A3 posters, but also get also an error. When can we expect a solution? We are happy to pay a monthly fee for this. Have a nice day! :)

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