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Bulk Order option to use default variations.

We seem to have a little issue with bulk orders.  As it stands, the bulk orders doesn't use the product variants, so we have to create the variations again in the bulk order.


This means that where we have a t-shirt available in all colours up to size 2XL, but in 4 colours in 3 XL and 2 colours in 4 & 5XL, the bulk order allows people to order all colours in all sizes?  

Getting the bulk order to do this will also mean not having to re-create the attributes and I am sure it's the logical thing to do - even if it's tough to code!



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Yes I am facing the same issue. I would like the ability for customers to order 4 small, 5 medium, 3 large, etc. without having to redesign their shirt 4 or 5 times. Is this possible? 

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