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Add Images and Designs not working on touchscreen iOS

 While attempting to implement Fancy Product Designer on my WooCommerce/Wordpress site everything seems OK, however when I try and use FPD on an iOS device (iPad) I am unable to actually add an image to the design as I could on the desktop.

For example:

  • I can select 'Add Image'
  • I CANNOT select 'Click or Drop Images Here' to upload an image,
  • If I select to use a Facebook image, I can select an album, and review the photos from my facebook account.
  • I CANNOT select to insert it into the design.

Any ideas on where I need to look to resolve this issue.

Link to example - http://hoopsy.co.uk/shop/print/notebooks-print/personalised-notebook/


Please update FPD first, then we'll handle this form the ticket you created.

I too have this same problem

Hi David,

I went to your URL and it appears that you can select 'Click or Drop Images Here' to upload an image. How did you fix this???

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