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Export bounding box only


I really would like to see the export functions to be changed. Currently the entire design area is being exported and I only want to export the items within the bounding box. All my products use the same bounding box.

See screenshot. The door is the area where the design is, the doorframe is the bounding box. When exporting the order design from WooCommerce I only want the door including all layers to be exported, not the background area.

Please include this in a next version.


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Wow, i plan to buy the FPD but this will definitely keep me holding it off.

Such a great suggestion and the author seems doesn't care about. His purpose is to create a Fancy plugin without practical sense as one of the comments said.

Thanks everyone for their comments which keeps me wasting my time to test this plugin.

  • create a "NO EXPORT" flag in the Product Builders Layers, and respect that flag when exporting the final image
  • Export only whats inside of the bounding box, clipping out the rest of the STAGE. For printing production we need a good hires image
  • Create a "Save as default settings" in the export options, so that you don't have to type the DPI and the scale factor FOR EVERY ORDER :( "

    I need these features too. Please, upgrade the export functions! Thank you very much!

Confirmed that the fix does not work in WP 4.7 with WooCommerce. Does the plugin developer look at these message boards often? This should be top priority on an upcoming development sprint.

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