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Export bounding box only


I really would like to see the export functions to be changed. Currently the entire design area is being exported and I only want to export the items within the bounding box. All my products use the same bounding box.

See screenshot. The door is the area where the design is, the doorframe is the bounding box. When exporting the order design from WooCommerce I only want the door including all layers to be exported, not the background area.

Please include this in a next version.


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In the latest version you can mark elements with "exclude from export" and via our new solution you can export the orders:


Currently this feature is only available exclusively in the ADMIN solution.


thank you for the update. It is a help that we now dont have to manual uncheck all useless Layers. 

Our Problem is, that the export Picture have still the size of the canvas. Can we Export just the size of our bounding box? or we can define a export Zone?

 With the current solution we have still the same work.

Thank you

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