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Export bounding box only


I really would like to see the export functions to be changed. Currently the entire design area is being exported and I only want to export the items within the bounding box. All my products use the same bounding box.

See screenshot. The door is the area where the design is, the doorframe is the bounding box. When exporting the order design from WooCommerce I only want the door including all layers to be exported, not the background area.

Please include this in a next version.


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Andreas, I had a similar issue with scaling up. The problem ended up being that the dataURL of the image became too large and some browsers put a limit on dataURL size (Chrome and Safari on iOS have this problem, Firefox seems to be ok though). 

For the front end, I ended up adding additional lines of code that checks to see if the customer is using iOS and slightly scales down the image so that it will export and save to my server, but it's still print quality. 

Sometimes I need to export large, scaled up images in FPD in admin and save them to my PC for printing. I use Google Chrome and needed a way to get around the dataURL limit.  I added code that converts the large dataURL to a blob object and that allows me to save large jpg files to my PC using Chrome. 

I use a Mac and Firefox and I have that problem. Fix, anyone?


Looks like I had just forgotten to add the code in the minified version of the file (FancyProductDesigner-all.min.js). Did that, and the Download button in the Designer produced the cropped file right away. Thanks Adrienne!

BUT – it did not have any effect on the Admin-side of things, and that's where the cropped HQ file is needed.

Did you also change something in the "order-viewer.js" file perhaps?

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