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Limit the characters for the input text for Fancy Product Designer

I want to have a feature which can set limit to the input text for the plugin

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Thats already possible. In the product builder you can set a max. characters value.

But how can i limit the characters if someone press "add text".  So that its just limited per product?

Yes, needs to be "per Product"...great idea.

That is fixed in latest version.

Where can I find this option to set limit on product level?

Since radykal said its fixed. I'm assuming its integrated at product level now? I cant find any option for it besides settings page.

I need to limit character max value on a particular product.

Fancy Product Settings ---- Default Elements ----- Scroll down to bottom --- Custom Text Elements ----- Find --- Maximum Characters

I do not see a option in the woocommerce product --- Individual Settings!  So I am assuming you have to make the settings global..

Is there a way to make this option to Text Boxes individually for each product? 

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