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Manage size between stage and printing size

Hi, this is a matter of pre-sale ;
Something I do not understand what is the management of the size of the « stage » relative to the actual size of the product to customize.
I take the example of an iPhone 4 case to illustrate my point :
The real size in mm is 62 mm x 120 mm to 300 dpi . Making it in pixels : 738 x 1420 px.
So I understood that we can scale the " stage " with these dimensions. But the page will be high on the screen ;
Now imagine that I want to propose customizing posters or photographs printing. A typical size for a poster , for example : 500 mm x 700 mm x 300 dpi. Making it with photoshop pixels : 8268 x 11811 pixels !!! The page of the site is going to be huge !!!

Is is expected to have a dissociation between the appearance of the product on the screen and its true size for printing?

Thank you and sorry for my english.

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I agree, this is essential - to be able to download files at the same resolution as the customers image.

We've had a lot of success with :

1) all images in design view are hi-res, shrunk to fit their size at the same aspect ratio.

A 10"x15" output at 400dpi, for instance, would be on stage at 400x600 and all items on stage would be at .1x size.

Client input would need to be limited to what can print without awful pixelation, we've found that on our products a 3x zoom is okay-ish for use on our products, but you should do product testing to see what your minimum input size should be.

svg output is the key here.  This is where it gets tricky, and I use the image/svg output variety and then manipulate forward using a variety of tools ...  svg output should be strengthened in the next few product designer revisions.   Saving as PDF is the easiest way.

After import into photoshop or illustrator you will see extra space. The best way to manage this at the moment is to import at 1.5x the size you think you need, then crop away the "flashing" or extra space.

After this, make exact size adjustments for your product and print.

This sounds like a lot of fuss, but for print-ready professional and crisp output it's worth a little work.

If you practice for order-fulfillment you can get this process down to about 30 seconds per image.

Good Morning, I'm using opencart and I have the same problem of size in the desktop and print area.Does anyone already have a solution to this problem?Do you have any updates to resolve this?This resource is very important for this pluguin

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